Who are the Indigos and how can they help me?

Our loved ones hold an incredibly special place in our hearts, so special it hurts an awful lot to lose them. The importance in remembering their happiest times is no secret to the Indigos. To us, a funeral service should be thought of as more than “a day to get through”. It is a chance to highlight their finest periods with everybody that loved them. Those who intimately walked with them through their journey should feel supported to remember and share the exclusive factors of their loved one. Grief is a challenging experience for everybody, as those we lose cannot be replaced; however, all we have left when they leave us are joyous memories and they should be remembered with a meaningful demeanor.

So How Does It Work?

Following a free consultation, we offer an affordable, specialist service that enables you to help us create your own, personalised song to play at the service. Lyrics will of course remember your dear one in the best way possible. Our experienced song writers will base this on special experiences they met along their journey. We want to encourage you to incorporate the magical moments that contributed to their wellbeing. Every line include will be based on what you would like to share with us, attaining an eminent, personal piece. We will also give you up to 3 drafts of your song if there are any alterations you'd like to make.


Be fully involved

We have a number of studios you can visit. You have the opportunity to be present at the production of the song should you want to and you also have an option to choose from our selection of vocalists at Indigo records.

Additional services

For an extra fee, we can also assign one of our artists here at Indigo to perform the finished song at the service, directly presenting the meaningful lyrics to all of your guests.


What Else Will I Receive For My Money ?

On completion of your song, you will inherit a magnificent, gold or silver framed plaque with your dear one’s name, a deluxe CD, a quality photograph of them and the lyrics to your song in gold leaf writing. This is a possession you can keep for years to come and one to hang up in your home. We understand the circumstances and importance of your personalized song. Our team will do no less than go the extra mile to make it one of utmost quality.