Who are the Indigos and how can they contribute to my establishment?

Marriage is probably the biggest roller coaster you’ll ever ride. It’s a commitment that no one ever said was going to be easy. Despite the challenging factors of a marriage a couple that believes it’s worth fighting for do just that. This is the exact strength that they celebrate on their anniversary. This day should be filled with joy and everlasting memories for both yourselves and your guests. We are also aware that couples are determined to conceive a function that is as unique as possible. And so you should. To keep to such a commitment is a beautiful thing and your celebration should display that. We know that a lot of couples like to surprise each other on a day as special as this and as fun as the challenge is, it can also be timely to discover elements to make your ideas feel less generic. We are here to make it as unique as possible.

So How Does It Work?

Following a free consultation, we offer an affordable, specialist service that enables the couple to have their own, personalised anniversary song created. Our experienced song writers will base this on special experiences you have both shared along your journey. What better way to enjoy your celebration than to be dancing to your own personalised song? This is a wonderful chance for you to express yourself to your partner in an unforgettable way. We want to encourage you and your loved one to reflect on the moments that have contributed to this magical one in the near future. You have the choice to carry this out as a joint decision or even better, you can surprise your spouse with this extraordinary gift on your special night. We can cater for any genre of music you wish to create and we will also give you up to 3 drafts of your song if there are any alterations you'd like to make.


Be fully involved

We have a number of studios you can visit. You have the opportunity to be present at the production of the song should you want to and you also have an option to choose from our selection of vocalists at Indigo records.

Additional services

For an extra fee we can also assign one of our artists here at Indigo to perform the finished song at your event, along with any covers that may appeal to you. We also have an extended roster of talented musicians, should you require live music on your day.


What Else Will I Receive For My Money ?

On completion of your song you will inherit a magnificent, gold or silver framed plaque with your names, a deluxe CD, a quality photograph of you both and the lyrics to your song in gold leaf writing. This is a possession you can keep for years to come and one to hang up in your home. This is a lifetime memory and you’ll both cherish this for life. We understand the importance of your special, personalised song. Our team will do no less than go the extra mile to make it one to remember.